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NEW: ELTIM Amplifier Modules.
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VS-10, Voltage Stage module
VS-20, Voltage Stage Module with transistor array
CS-40ps, 30-150W Current Stage incl. Power Supply
CS-40, 30-150W Current Stage Module
CS-80, 30-150W Current Stage Module
CS-120, 30-200W Current Stage Module
CS-165, 30-350W Current Stage Module

Whether it is a simple, but solid steel box or the finest 450x210x500mm cabinet with 10mm aluminium frontpanel and heatsinks at the side and all in between you can think of, with our MODU program of about 200 different models we are sure we can serve you:

- Audiophile crossover components
- Audiophile power supply capacitors
- silver/gold speaker and interlink wire
- Air Motion Transformers (AMT tweeters)

- high-quality audio connectors

- C-Quence drive units
- Flexunit drive units
About all Audio magazines state that these VOXATIV units are the best (and fullrange) drive units in the world.
Completely handmade in Berlin, Germany.

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Furthermore you'll find a lot of interesting stuff, usefull for constructing of cables, speakers and equipment .
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