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FROM APRIL 17th till 27th.
We will process your orders from the 28th on again.

NEW: ELTIM Power Amplifier modules.
Click on the text for more info.
General info
VS-20, Voltage Stage module
CS-40ps, 30-150W Current Stage, incl. power supply
CS-40, 30-150W Current Stage module
CS-80, 150W Current Stage module
CS-120, 200W Current Stage module
CS-165, 350W Current Stage module
We are now in final test of CS-80 modules.

We are Europe's main supplier
of original MOREL drive units.

OEM and Dealers are most welcome

Main supplier of special for us produced
Twaron damping materials.

Distributor of MUNDORF
crossover components, silver/gold cables,
power capacitors, etc.

Distributor of MUNDORF
Air motion Transformers for Hifi
and Professional purposes

Distributor of Audio Technology
C-Quence and FlexUnits drive units,
handmade in Denmark and by
YOUR specifications.....

Distributor of world's best amplifier and capacitors??!!
Rike audio, made in Germany

Distributor of affordable Kacsa (Kaatsjoh)
audio cables and connectors

Distributor of Puresonic High Quality connectors

Distributor of VOXATIV
Full range drive units

Official (single) dealer of MODU
electronic cabinets

Offical dealer of HYPEX
UcD amplifier modules, power supplies, Plate Amps, etc.

Official dealer of WBT
connector program
Official dealer of GRADO
Headphones and Phono Cartridges

Offical dealer of ORTOFON
Phono Cartridges, tonearms, speaker- and
interlink cable and accessoiries

Official dealer of NAGAOKA
Phono Cartridges and vinyl maintenance gear