A fast, audiophile MKP capacitor, featuring a lively reproduction of music.
The MKP QS series of capacitors are highly recommended for use in quality loudspeaker crossovers, series connected to high-frequency drivers as well as mid-range drivers. MKP QS capacitors are also highly recommended for use in valve amplifiers.
Two voltage ratings are available, 400 Vdc/250 Vac and 630 Vdc/400Vac. Below we list the 630V versions.

These capacitors offer a low loss-factor as well as very good temperature related performance.

- Loss Angle Tan: 0.0020 (1 kHz; 20ºC)
- Tolerance: +/-5%
- Connecting leads: Axial, tinned copper
- Operating temperature: -25ºC - +85ºC
- Operating voltage: 630Vdc

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