Flex Units Loudspeaker Drivers
The Flexunits system was developed to fulfil individual data as desired, and Audio Technology is able to meet even the most specific individual requirements – mechanical as well as electrical. Fs, Vas and Qts can all be modified and the coil former can be made of either aluminium or Kapton. In special cases the cone material and suspensions can also be changed. Gap height and coil length as well as diameter can be selected individually and the magnet size can be altered to fit the needed strength required.

For the less experienced customer, AT has made a line of multipurpose drivers, represented by each size, from 4” mid-woofers through 15” subwoofers, enabling you to approach a project, the more conventional way. It is also possible to use one of the standard drivers as a raw model, and getting parameters changed in the direction you wish.

To specify your requirements please select the requirements in the article.
Remember that we can only work within the physical laws of nature.
Features - FlexUnits

Die cast aluminium chassis.
Gold plated input connectors.
Ventilation under the rear suspension.
Voice coil gap ventilation.
Maximum rear ventilation for minimum compression.
Compressed lightweight aluminium voice coil, wound in hexagonal technique.
NOTE: so, we need the Thielle/Small parameters and impedance you want.
Mention them in the order form comment line, AT will be coming lose to your desired values!
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