CE certification

The EU has made a list of certification rules where companies making these products have to follow. Then it is peculiar that a lot of products imported from outside the EU do not follow these regulations. You know the spontanious burning mobile phone chargers, exploding batteries, etc. Perhaps even worse is that a lot of these products contain contaminated, poisoness and/or heavy metals like lead. In the EU it is forbidden to sell products like that. The Chinese copied the CE logo and moved the C and the E closer to each other and means "China Export". Hard to identify and unbelievable. No regulations, no safety, polution, etc. But, the price is low..... Your decision to buy or not.
We at Eltim audio are electronics technicians for over 40 years, knowing what we are doing and of course we only produce and sell approved CE-products. This certification does not have to come from a specialist company any more. As long as the producing company, like us with our own electronics, knows what he is doing and knows all the rules, they are allowed to place an offical CE-marking on their products. Then you can rely on the fact that you bought a safe and environmental "friendly" product without polluting heavy metals, no overheating parts, no risc of electric schocks, etc.