Our environment is our life line, so:

-  We only use green power for over 20 years already, as little as possible.

-  We print as little as possible for 20 years, only on FSC certified paper.

-  We planted 20,9ha (23.000) of trees in Brazil, 20 years ago sucking up 80kg CO2/m³/year.

-  We hardly travel, and walk indoor from home to office (15 meters) for 20 years.

-  We only buy and sell RoHS and REACH compliant products. No heavy metals or poison containing products.

-  We about never buy Far East products (ever) due to bad quality, pollution, CO2 imprint (long travel).
     Bullshit?  Then please watch this video.  Wonder where these huge amounts of parts are used again please.

-  Etc.  

What did / do you in an attempt to stop our environmental decay?
At least you could stop buying polluting and often even dangerous China crap and buy less but better and safer material from our EU region instead.

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