MUNDORF SESGO, MKP capacitor, SUPREME winding technology, silver/gold, oil impregnated, compact size

Since 2015, the MCap® SUPREME EVO SilverGold has been our undisputed top capacitor model. It combines all our technical highlights, such as SilverGold metallisation, SUPREME and EVOLUTION winding technology and over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of audiophile masterpieces into a unique capacitor type of equally unique musicality: finely nuanced and lively shining acoustic colours, which combine into a breathtaking, beautiful, live-like music experience with the utmost precision, presence and three-dimensional plasticity. Metallised polypropylene as the dielectric guarantees low tolerances and the highest standards of safety in use thanks to its selfhealing properties. After running through our new top-quality winding process, the capacitor winding is potted by hand into aluminium tubes to minimise microphony. The directly gold-plated, asymmetrical pure copper wires make it possible to assemble it in a classic, horizontal style or vertical; the shorter lead also indicates the capacitor’s outer foil. Thanks to its 2.2.4 Oil impregnation, the MCap® SUPREME EVO SilverGoldOil offers even superior presence and dynamics.

Read more    or find extensive information about the technologies used on pages 6 to 8 in sections 2.0 • 2.2 • 2.2.3 • 3.6.

- Dielectric: Polypropylen (PP)
- Metallisation: 99% Silver + 1% Gold
- Tan δ: 0,0002@1 kHz · 0,0001@10 kHz
- Max. ambient temperature: 85°C/185°F

Highly recommended for new designs.