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25 January 2023    Progress new ELTIM Power amplifier modules
At this moment we are fine tuning our first new type of Current Stage (CS) modules, as promised the CS-300 module. Former models dimensions were matching standard heatsink sizes where the new versions match a lot of MODU Dissipante and other cabinets exactly, where at top and bottom still a chassis can be mounted. That it exactly fits is confirmed by the cutouts on top and bottom of the PCB where the mounting screws of the chassis plates just fit.
For first testing we use a "tamed" VS-20 input stage where the max. frrequency range is limited to around 100kHz in order to do long term power / thermal testing. Since we use a different PCB design and better parts than before, the design reacts different. We now are fine tuning components values for optimal results in an attempt to reach a neutral (flat) phase behaviour over the full audio range, which is way more difficult than obtaining a flat frequency response. For frequency curve adepts it will be nice that it will run way over 200kHz < ±0,2dB then.

From back to front:  New CS-300 (output stage),
VS-20 (input stage), VR3-30 (regulator, beneath VS-20), PS-3 (true 4-pole power supply).
The heatsink shown is of a MODU Dissipante 1(N)PD(A)03300 type.
Tested with 2/4/8/16ohms dummy load, ELTIM CA911/CA621, Altec A7-500 "The Voice of the Theatre".

24 January 2023      Succesfull loudspeaker parts sale
Around Christmas we announced our difficult decision that we would (for the time being?) stop the sale of components for speaker construction.Up to mid March we sold around 12,000 parts from this product group. Various product groups are no longer shown because there are no parts available in that group any more.  
All our other businesses will continue and probably even expanded with new articles and article groups.

8 December 2022  
Over more than 20 years we promoted and sold a wide range of speaker related parts. We now believe it's time to move on and concentrate on our own ELTIM products like amplifiers, power supplies and loudspeakers. Below already some first impressions. We will also continue and expand the rest of our program. If you want your products on our website, please send an email.

10 December 2022   New High End / Reference quality amplifier modules
We are developing a completely new, top end range of amplifier modules where we partly leave behind the idea of modular construction. With that we mean that they are built without the posibility to expand them sideways with add-on modules, about nobody is using that option. While doing so, the PCB layouts can be made even more logical and symmetrical, with even wider tracks, the more since we also leave the idea that they have to fit on standard heatsink sizes. We now make them in a way that they exactly fit in several types of MODU cabinets as we also have in our program. As with all our PCB's, they are top quality and made in the EU and as we berlieve cannot be made better. On top of that, in this range all solder pads are goldplated for optimal contact between the mounted parts and the PCB's. They are still modular built where the input stage module, the output stage module (together a power amplifier) and the power supply module simply are connected without any wiring. Just connect a transformer and input/output connectors to them. The development of the first modules is about finished and shown below.

Our very compact VS-20 input stage module with a unique, symmetrical transistor array (SMD SO14) in the input stage is expanded/upgraded in the VS-60 input stage module. By making the basic module structure 50mm instead of 35mm deep and 240mm instead of 200mm wide, much more space arose for the signal earth connections. Actually, all unused top side copper is signal ground, all unused bottom side copper is supply ground. Also wider copper tracks are used and we were able to mount larger resistors, such as the special Vishay/Dale RN60D resistors and the larger DIP14 variant of the THAT340 transistor array. There was also space for two LM317/337 voltage regulators, resulting in a supply voltage ranging from ± 35V to ± 65V. Also with this design, the input capacitor can be placed on the left or right and a larger capacitor fits. Even the Ø36mm Mundorf Evo's and exclusive VH-Audio Odam400-2,2uF fits.
As extra, by making them 92mm deep, we could make 4x Ø36mm holes in the PCB, surrounding and mechanically supporting possibly long supply capacitors on the also new PS-300 Power supply module, see the drawing below.

Our first new CS-300 output stage module is completely redesigned from ground up. Track lenghts of the large current leading and actually all tracks simply cannot be made shorter, wider and more symmetrical as is on this module. So, the speaker control is absolutely ashtonishing for sure. Instead of one pair 16A types, we use two pairs of 8A EXICON power Mosfets, which are symmetrically spread over the connected heatsink,  preventing a thermal "hotspot". This results in a cool, long lasting amplifier design. Using two pairs of 16A types is not required to produce 300Wrms and would "slow down" the attack speed of the amplifier due to the higher gate capacitances of these Mosfets, so we didn't use those. They are also larger, resulting in smaller PCB tracks. About all resistors are top quality (BOURNS or CADDOCK) SMD type resistors, cooled by the heat conducting PCB.
This new CS-300 exactly fits in a MODU Dissipante 300mm deep, 120mm high cabinet, just leaving enough space to fit a chassisplate on top and/or bottom of it. A top mounted plate could fit f.e. a preamplifier module.

The matching and also new PS-300 Power Supply module is, as our other modules, connected directly to the CS-300 by a 72pin milled and goldplated header, where 12 parallelled pins (36A total) are used for the supply connections, so no worries about bad contacts here. We use highly efficient 10A Schottky rectifier diodes, cooled by two small PCB heatsinks. It fits up to 6x Ø35mm electrolytic supply capacitors, which are mechanically supported by the holes of the VS-60 input stage module.

A full pack of these three modules would look like this, leaving just enough space to mout two nice TOROIDY transformers:

A top side view in a MODU Dissipante 1(N)PD(A)03300 looks like this:

Now we have left behind our speaker building affairs, we have time again to continue this nice project -)
We plan to supply all three modules with two grades of quality components.
Experiences in the past made us decide not to supply them as full DIY kit, but only as built modules.

24 June 2022
Exactly one month dealer of some fine pieces of technical craftsmanship ans people expect from us to sell. This quality is now confirmed by others. The AUSTRIAN AUDIO Hi-X65 headphones won the

2022 TEC Award for 'Outstanding Technical Achievement
in the category Headphone/Earpiece Technology'

Our congratulations to the full Austrian Audio team -)

14 June 2022:  HOLISTIC AUDIO unique, handmade in the Netherlands IM and MC phono cartridges added
This small Dutch company is credited rapidly for its fantastic sounding MC and IM (induced magnet) phono cartridges.

12 June 2022:  ADAM VOX loudspeakers added
Since 2005 this company was one of our (350+) OEM customers. So for those who know our history it will be no surprise that they use MOREL drive units, MUNDORF crossover partes and even our Twaron Angel Hair in their speakers. Made in Slovakia with great care and expertise, resulting in fantastic looking and sounding speakers for a fair price regarding to what you get. All fronts are made of facetted massive wood and the rest of the cabinets are 25mm MDF, where the outside is natural veneered in the same quality as the front. Production is bespoke and so you will receive exactly the way you wanted them.

7 June 2022:  Reentry of HYPEX Class-D amplifier modules
Since the start of HYPEX our Louis already was in close contact with this company and we had their products in our shop for long time. At a point we switched to delivery of electronic parts and now do the reverse.
All HYPEX DIY products like class-D amplifier modules and matching power supplies as well as their new FusionAmp plate amplifiers are shown on our website again.

May 24 2022:  AUSTRIAN AUDIO Headphones
You are looking for EU made, ridgid, professional headphones and/or microphones for a reasonable price and with the highest possible sound quality?
Then check out our new pages of the AUSTRIAN AUDIO headphones and microphones we launched today -)

We are official dealer of these nice products.

May 23 2022:   YAMAHA mixing consoles
Today we added a line of YAMAHA mixing consoles in our program.

20 Mai 2022   New MODU monoblock enclosures
Today we launched the new MODU Monoblock enclosures on our website. All are 400mm deep and 166mm high. Due to some clever thinking of the new owner of MODU, Gianluca (son of) you can decide whether you want then with smooth side side panels (f.e. Power Supplies and Class-D), a flat panel and a ribbed side pane (f.e. single driven monoblocks) or even with heatsinks on both sides (f.e. bridge or stereo driven amp modules). All have a self supporting frame and even a perforated chassisplate is included already.
Due to our good cooperation we anticipated on these cabinets and made our CS-150 Current Stage module with three pairs of Mosfets for it, which exactly fits. You even could add a fourth pair of Mosfets by use of a pair of our CD-75 modules. Check this interesting video where we test them for the first time

April 2022:    Significant price rise of Wavecor drive units
Per immediate all prices of Wavecor drive units are increased by at least 30%. Other brands prices recently are or will be increased soon as well.

25 March 2022:  MUNDORF and INTERTECHNIK price rise
As many other companies do, Mundorf today announced an immediate price raise of all their coil types.By the end of April also their prices of Capaciotrs an resistors increase significantly. Also INTERTECHNIK products suffer significant price rises.
The new prices are implemented in our shop now. We show the full programm of both brands by the way.

August 9, 2021    New and compact CS-35(ps) Current Stage module approved for sale
We were asked many times for an amplifier module setup based on our designs, but without all the extras you could add to it. So, we did and finished it end of January, presented in February. Soon after we had some new ideas we believed we had to implement and modified the design a bit, allowing to use them in several ways like multichannel packs for active speaker systems. Then some testing and measuring followed showing simply stunning results, like:
-  0Hz - 170kHz ±0,2dB
-  -3dB @ 501kHz
-  Input > output phase shift < -3º (20-20kHz)
-  Slew rate > 40V/us
-  No over/undershoots nor swingouts
-  All (just a few and even) harmonics <<-60dB.
More info and measuring graps can be found on our CS-35 and our CS-35ps (with integrated power supply) documents. Both types are available with GDS (Hexfet) and GSD (Mosfet) orientation.
By leaving out all the extras we could reduce the width from 200mm to 150mm and made it possible to sandwich mount one or more CS-35 modules on top of a CS-35ps module, forming a very compact duo or triple output amplifier pack.
We also made the new VS-5 input module matching the size of these CS-35(ps) modules. It is based on VS-10, where we also left out all the extras. Are testing and measuring it now.

In a video we show how we measure its much larger brother CS-150 + CD-75 in total of four pairs of 8A/200V EXICON Mosfets. Gives similar results, yet more punch, power and higher dampingsfactor.

August 6, 2021   Small order (<€5,00) issues
More and more we received very small orders (eg, a few resistors, fuse, etc.). So far we saw this as a service, if it weren't that most of these customers "consume" a lot of time with calls, emails, etc. complaining about transport costs ("far too high in relation to the product price") and delivery times. Unfortunately, what's inside the package doesn't matter, the transport costs and process time (= money) are similar to higher content value shipments. Actually, we should charge extra costs on these small orders because we earn almost nothing on them. Others do that; we decided to accept orders> € 5.00 only from today on.

August 6, 2021   Paypal ERROR 500 issue
It appeared tha Paypal payments resulted in an "error 500" message. This problem is solved, so you can pay via Paypal again.

July 1, 2021   VAT calculation
So far we had to charge 21% VAT to every private EU customer. Per Oktober 1st we are allowed to calculate your local VAT on your orders if you are an EU citizen. You have to select the country you are in at the top bar resp. login with the correct country and you'll see our prices incl. your local VAT.
Due to Brexit, UK citizens and all other countries outside the EU are delivered without 21% VAT as before, as listed as excl. BTW (=Dutch VAT) prices with the articles.

May 26, 2021   V-Caps news
First, the TFTF series (based on tinfoil) are out of production, so we took them from our webshop, sorry. VH-Audio themselves only have a few left.
The CuTF series (copper/fluoropolymer) is a successor and available in the range of 0,010-2,0uF in several voltages.
Recently in the VH-Audio ODAM series also larger values, so available now in 0,10-47uF. We now entered then in our shop. In this ODAM series new ideas are added compared to the well known OIMP series.
The OIMP series (Oil Impregnated Metalised Polypropylene) capacitors are known for some years now and also available in or shop in the range of 1,0-47uF.
Chris Venhaus spent more than 4 years in R&D with the help of several well known guitar players and constructors, resulting in even better sound than the 50/60's Paper in Oil (PIO) capacitors, but fortunatelly lacking all the mishaps (leaking, aging, etc.) that these caps tend to show. The brand new series of TONE capacitors already "flies" through the guitar players world and show a huge increase in musicality and detail of your guitar (amp). Available from 0,010-0,1uF (=10-100nF) in our shop.
Note that we have the same prices in Euro (/1.23), but added Dutch VAT already as we have to do and your local customs office will do as well!. So, save money in transport/customs charges, etc.
 CuTF                        ODAM                    OIMP                      TONE
May 24, 2021  MUNDORF coils price raise
As mentioned above, price raises for products containing a lot of copper, aluminium, silver, gold, etc. were to be expected.
Today MUNDORF announced that per immediatelly the prices of all their coils and per July 1st also their capacitors are raised. We now updated our website accordingly.

May 24, 2021 MUNDORF product change
MUNDORF announced today that per immediate effect all their FERON laminated coils, like their famous ZOC (NOS) coils are only available with their vacuum impregnated process. Unlike many far-East crap where the coils only are painted at the outside in an attempt to look like MUNDORF coils, MUNDORF vacuum impregnated coils are filled with a raisin while winding the coil. Then it is (time consuming!) vacuum drawn resulting in the effect that this raisin is filling the total coil in the tiniest gaps, making it a most solid coil possible. Since FERON appears to be rusting over time, this raisin also prevents this effect.
The BNxxx, BTxxx, etc. coils are renamed to VNxxx, VTxxx, etc. The regular Nxxx, Txxx, etc. coils as well as some hardly sold series (Ixxx f.e.) are no longer available.

May 24th, 2021  MUNDORF bipolar capacitors
The MUNDORF bipolar series capacitors were about the last available bipolar capacitors in the market. Since the required aluminium foils are no longer produces anywhere the production of ECAP50, ECAP63, ECAP70 and ECAP100 series stopped as well.
We still have some stock left, but sold out is sold out....

April 30, 2021:   Search function in webshop
After a software update of our websoftware our search function got lost somehow. Today it is restored, with added search functions.
Just type whatever you have in mind, f.e "Mcap250",  "0,47mH 1,0mm" or even "100uF 35V" works as well as brands, type numbers or productgroups like, "UFG 35V", "28mm dome" or 7". Even f.e. "Qts=0,35" works. So, with us you don't need to select a row of search options, just type what you are looking for. As we are, you most probably will be surprised how fast it finds what you are looking for in over 15000 articles in our webshop.
About finding products, did you know that www.driveunits.com brings you directly to our, most complete overview of available drive units?

March  2021:      Mobile energy products
With the increase of mobility of craftsmen and private people we believed we should widen our view and needed to find quality products in that field. The Dutch company XENTEQ offered us to sell their DC/AC inverters, DC/DC converters and battery chargers. With just some pictures you see that they are different compared to the invading china crap. Most of their products are in our shop now.
  DC/AC inverters                                Battery chargers                                  DC/DC converters

January 2021         Counterfeited products
Ever wondered why so many electronics can be that cheap? Well, lots of the parts used are couterfeited (just looking as the original and acting wey less of even not at all) or "refurbished" like in these video1  video2.  As you can see in the quantity processed in just this single shop, this "refurbished" and/or restamped material is sold a lot, a low price has to come from somewhere. Safety and health or these people? Environment? Torturing of  parts? etc.? Wake up people!  We only buy new and original parts from well respected and official distributors and manufacturers. Our PCB's are made in EU, pollution free of course. Not only that, instead of catching fire if something really goes wrong, we often use them as additional cooling device. Test it and put a cigarette lighter under it, nothing happens!

April 2020          Small orders
Unfortunatelly we are confronted with an increasing number of very small orders (0,50 - 15,00....), f.e. two 0,6W resistors, a single fuse, etc. Mostly it are components not available elsewhere or at a higher total charge because others charge small order costs.
From now on we only charge a parcel tariff and see a possible difference in true freight charge as a partly compensation for our financial losses while processing these small orders. Please do not argue with us that a 3,00 order has 10,00 freight charge..... If not agreed, (try to) buy somewhere else please.
Despite this "huge" charge we still loose money on these tiny orders. We only hope that you will come back some day.

March 2020         ELTIM preamplifier modules
During 2019 we were in the final stage of finishing our first preamplifier, based on our ELTIM Pre-330 preamplifier module. For the introduction at X-Fi show 2019 in Veldhoven NL we needed some extra in/output modules to finish it as we wanted it. We mounted it in a MODU Slinline 450x230x120mm cabinet.

The preamp of the picture above did well at the show and afterwards we put it on an empty desk in our office, playing old records via a pair of small active speakers. At the moment we use the preamp part of a Pre-330+ module with 16 impedance and 16 gain setting via HEX rotary switches in the bottom, also working fine.
We made a short You Tube while testing our MM/MC preamp section with our 45 years old Sony PS-40X / Goldring G900-IGC combination. Playing right out of the box where it was for about 25 years.

Back home, i was wondering why i made these extra modules so small, where there is enough space in the cabinet. Obviously sometimes i also have the same idea of making it as small as possible as many other designers tend to show somehow.
So, all modules thrown away and started all over again with redesigning these extra in/output buffer modules in our "spacy" way. By the end of March 2020 we will have them ready with following cabinets in our mind:

Just the Pre 230/330 modules exactly fit in a MODU Slimline/Galaxy 1U (44mm) high cabinet with a depth of 170mm, where just RJ152G or chassis connectors are mounted.
               RCA line signals only. No front panel PCB available. All fits without extra wiring except for selector switch (5V). You could use Ø25-30mm knobs.
               There will be hardly any frontpanel spaceavailable for lights and a display though.

While using our newly developed  2U in/output modules, the base is also Pre-230/330 in a MODU Slimline/Galaxy 2U (88mm) high cabinet in a depth of 230mm.
               It all fits exactly with the extra 2U modules. While using those, about no wiring is required at all.
               RCA Line and XLR balanced in/out modules and even a Phono input module (line and quasi balanced XLR inputs) with fixed settings available soon.
               We have the frontpanel PCB's for Slimline 2U and Galaxy 2U/330mm cabinets available, connected directly to Pre-230/330.
               You could use Ø30-40mm knobs. Compressed lights space and possibly a very small volume display.

While using our newly developed  3U in/output modules, the base is also a Pre-230/330 in a MODU Slimline/Galaxy 3U (120mm as picture) high cabinet in a depth of 280mm.
               It all fits exactly with the extra 3U modules. While using those, about no wiring is required at all.
               RCA line and XLR balanced in/out modules and even a Phono input module (line and full balanced XLR inputs) with (possibly?) multiple settings.
               These phono stages are direct at the input and use larger (better) RIAA capacitors as on the Pre-230/330+ already.
               We have frontpanel PCB's for Slimline 3U (picture) and Galaxy 3U/330mm cabinets. With that there is no wiring required, directly connected to Pre-230/330.
               Up to 50mm knobs. With this front panel height, we (or you) could make it it as in the picture with all possible buttons and switches, all just leading 5Vdc!

In any of the cases above our VR-3 voltage regulator and any of our electronic VCA-volume control units fit. Even a PA-4989 headphone amp fits.

January 2020          ELTIM buffer modules
After selling a number of signal buffer modules, new insights have been gained, including the fact that the prints were actually just a bit too small. We have made them a bit larger, so that they fit both a screw connector and extra components to connect them to high supply voltages (eg power amplifiers). Calculation of the correct series resistance is also no longer necessary. In addition, reasonably large input / output capacitors are fitted where required. You can now also opt for a chassis or screw connector for internal use. We have already produced a number:

20 June 2018          ELTIM HiFi amplifier modules
More than once we were asked if we could build amplifier modules in "ELTIM style" with the very well known and behaving LM3886 amplifier IC of Texas Instruments. After some investigation we found out that there are a lot of those, all very cheap, small and using cheap components. If we wanted to do it as requested, we needed to use way better parts and PCB's. This results in higher costs.....  After some thinking we decided to go for it and designed several modules with this LM3886, as with our other Amplifier modules available with different power supply capacitors:
While concentrating on that, we also found it's brother, the LM 4766, beiing a stereo version (2x 50Wrms, 8ohms only!) and made similar ones with those as well. You even can combine all modules from both ranges in a compact multichannel pack and even add a "booster" pack containing a group of extra power supply capacitors. Both versions are available for connecting to a power supply, but there are also versions with on-board power supply where you just have to connect a transformer. Now we hope you will follow as well and buy these nice sounding amps. Price is higher than on Alibaba/Ebay, but the sound is way better (confirmed by customers now) and they last forever. ELTIM style, as requested -) . These modules are a very nice project for starting DIY'ers, connect then to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC with increased sound quality and level.

We finished developing a wide range of switching DC/DC voltage converter/regulator modules. With these modules you can extract energy from about any supply source (even boat/car battery) and convert/regulate it into the known low voltage supplies 3,3V; 5V; 12V or 15V or symmetrical and even mixes of them in an energy efficiënt way. Suppose you have 60V already available for your class-D power amplifier. Hook up one of our switching modules and you also have f.e. ±15V for a preamplifier/DSP  and  5V for digital circuits available. We have all versions with a screw terminal and with headers, fitting most of our Power Supply modules directly.
We only use the very high quality, professional XP-Power modules with 800kHz switching frequency and efficiency around 90%, all without hifh frequency residues like most other modules show. If there is space left on the PCB we also mounted RF filters resulting in absolute clean sulppy voltages.
First built model: 9-36Vdc in,  ±15Vdc (0,33A) and 5V (4A) out. Fits on most ELTIM Supplies!

We now modified our PS-UNxx universal Power Supply modules for high power purposes and all have a square shape now. They all can be mounted over a corresponding type of toroidal transformer. Due to the extra PCB space we were able to mount more, and more types of capacitors than before. We also modified them in a way that besides our linear functioning Voltage Regulator modules, also our brand new switching DC/DC converter/regulator modules will fit. With these, you can extract low (even symmetrical) Supply voltage(s) from a high voltage system without significant energy losses. Also, the output(s) are regulated as single, double or even triple supply voltage(s).
5 March 2016:                 ELTIM low power (headphone?) amplifier modules
In our never ending search for new and innovative electronics, we recently found Amplifier Power IC's, by CANAAN Semiconductor. New Class A, with Mosfets in the powerstage.Ideal and small amps for (high quality) headphones, PC speakers, etc. We have them with and without integrated Power Supply part:

UPDATE april 2021: we experience delivery problems with the IC's
at the moment, so these modules are not available at this time!

We developed a range of volume control/buffer modules, forming the heart of f.e. our own preamplifiers. The ttenuation/gain can be set by a 0-4,8Vdc signal and/or by SPI serial data and they "act" as a resistive wire, nice and clean. In all three types we use highly regarded, top quality THAT VCA IC's.

- VCA-2181x, three models in reference quality, using the higest quality parts (THAT2181) and fully seperated channels.

- VCA-2180x, three models in High-End quality, using very good quality parts (THAT2180). Seperated VCA's.

- VCA-2162, a more cost effective version with dual channel (THAT2162) VCA and buffer IC's.

All connections of all modules are the same, so they can be exchanged. You can even use the same (optional) SPI or I2S datastream.

13 August 2017:              ELTIM Monoblocks
Our prototype monoblocks based on CS-40ps RQMB modules are running a few months now in a normal living room environment, just as you probably would use it. From the start they are running perfect and last week we finished them with the mounting of our Bin/Lout-1200 balanced input circuits.
Both models are also available in ready built monoblock amplifiers. We decided to release the CS-40ps RQMB and HRQ versions today, on Louis' birthday 13/8 -).
At first we believed power would be limited because of the quite small cooling surface of the cabinet, yet even while running the small RQ version at around 200W@4ohms they only get hand warm, even with a way higher idle current as we recommend in our documents.
8 August 2017:        Comparison between ELTIM and HYPEX amplifier modules
Our ELTIM amplifier module CS-40ps HRQ is reviewed against HYPEX NCore by Uniqueradio.nl (in Dutch):
Some will be surprised about the outcome -)  LT

14 october 2015       ELTIM low power supply modules
We found out that there is a lack in availability of (quality) linear Power Supply modules.
Find them now with integrated Talema 700000 series potted toroidal PCB transformers in a range of 5-25VA under ELTIM Ampifier modules/Power supply modules/PS7xx ! Very low magnetic field, hum and noise rates due to fully equipped PCB's.
We only use high grade components like PANASONIC FR (10.000 hours @ 105ºC) capacitors, small caps over the rectifier diodes, etc.
If a regulated symmetrical voltage is required, you could add on of our VR-modules (as in the picture blow) to it. VR3 and VR-4 are adjustable. So, with these you even could make a small (±1,5A max) , symmetrical laboratory Power Supply !
In similar way, we also made more regular single voltage variants. With these you can add a 317 (TO220) Voltage regulator, incl. heatsink and extra parts. In that case there is an adjustable voltage available as well.
Due to the low profile toroidal trafo's, height is only 23-28mm, so you can even use them in 40mm casings.
There are also similar versions with cheaper, flat type, regular transformers, called PSFL.

21 August 2015:        ELTIM demo amplifier
In the little time we have in these busy days, we finally managed to built our DEMO amplifier, a A2300 HRW model with 16A EXICON Mosfets. Every time again it is nice to watch and hear a product from your ow hands coming alive and rewards you with a fantastic sound. But then again, who am I ??
Next week Bert Oling of oldest dutch magazine HVT will review it. Other reviewers are most welcome. We stopped this service, since people opened and "modified" it !
UPDATE january 2021:
Due to the fact that sometimes returning it to us while unsufficient packed (damaged) and even worse:
since some people believe they can modifiy somebody elses pproperty we stopped this service, sorry.

A2300 HRQ with 2x CS-40ps HRQ, 2x VS-20 (and MCap250-2,2), 2x VR-3/30, 2x 160VA/ 2x 30V trafo's and Kacsa connectors.
Mr. Bus built an amplifier like this in one weekend after buying built and tested modules.
According to a regarded Dutch audio equipment reviewer this amp can beat €10k+ amps. Mr. Bus paid around 1200,-.

17 August 2015       Input capacitor on ELTIM VS-20 modules
It appeats that some of you dislike the Mundorf Mcap250 (2021: MCAP400) as we use as input capacitor on the VS-20 modules. Although we mention it in the corresponding document you can use the DC-input of any VS-module and connect ANY quality capacitor you like, hardwirded to the RCA input and DC-in connection of any VS-module. In that case the already on board capacitor is NOT used and so NOT in the signal path! We used this cap in order to allow people to buy an affordable VS-module and at the same time, allow people who want to spend more money and/or prefer an other input capacitor to do so. Since we have to take in mind that the VS-20 can be mounted in all cases, we can't mount a bigger one either. Perhaps later, a VS-30 module? Similar to VS-20, but 50mm instead of 35mm high probably. Let us know   BUT, the comments you can read so far, are with Mcap250........ So what more is there to dig out from the bottom of your music data????
Please take in mind that you CAN mount any high quality capacitor this way on our IO-modules, like in the picture below where a Mundorf EVO MESGO-2,2uF is mounted. Connect it to a side of our CS/VS-combination and use some short wires to connect the connectors to it.
Actually, if you are sure that the input signal is free from DC, there is no input capacitor needed and you can use INdc anyway. So, then our amplifiers even amplify DC-signals, 1V in > 26V out! You could run f.e. a car whiper blade motor with it as servo drive. On the other side our amps could even "work" as Long Wave AM transmitter, since they pass 500kHz as well.
If you are using a balanced IO-module there isn't any capacitor at all in the total audio line, from input to speaker output!

1 july 2014           A new adventure
After litterly kicking out MOREL just a week ago, we don't have to spend a lot of time, energy and money any more in our function as MOREL Europe.
In the near future we will expand our webshop as much as possible in order to show you all nice and quality products available for speaker- and electronics building for professionals and the DIY market.
Finally our owner Louis also has time to spend his energy and money in projects he has in his mind for years already. In the near future we will release a wide range of pre/power amplifiers, power supply modules, etc. under our own ELTIM brand. Follow this page for the most actual status.  
Dealers and OEM are most welcome to join us in this new adventure.
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