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KACSA KCO-SUB3, subwoofer interlink, 3,0m

OCC Line subwoofer interlink

KACSA KCO-SUB3, subwoofer interlink, 3,0m
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The stereo audio cable assembly of the Expert Line, double shielded, with 2 * 6 mm black coloured PVC outer jacket and solid connectors.
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Professional, double shielded (Aluminium Mylar foil and OFC braid) symmetrical audio interconnect SUB (subwoofer) cable of the KáCsa® cables Expert Line, made from, solid core UP-OCC copper conductors with 0,8 mm² cross-section in a black PVC jacket, covered by tight black Nylon „snake skin” mesh network. The space between the twisted conductors is filled up with PP yarn. 8,5 mm Ø. The cable is assembled with 24K gold plated, Teflon insulated professional RCA plugs (RP 70GT-9),