MUNDORF CAW Angelique wire

With this patent-pending Copper Angelique® Wire, a musically absolutely convincing star ensemble enters the stage of wire alloys made from Copper, Silver and Gold: A true Master Class triad! Mundorf a bit proud that in countless elaborate listening sessions with different alloy ratios, they eventually succeeded in uniting the outstanding musical talents of Silver (structure, analytics, transparency) and Gold (multi-faceted tonality and brilliance) with the energy and liveliness of Copper in this one perfect alloy.
Available with black and/or blue PTFE insulation and of course bare.

The following, individually isolated and twisted versions (CAW2xxBK/BU) are particularly appropriate:
  • 2x 0,5mm for super tweeters and tweeters
  • 2x 1,0mm for tweeters and mid-drivers
  • 2x 1,5mm for mid-drivers and mid-woofers
  • 2x 2,0mm for woofers and sub-woofers
Prices are per linear meter
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