MUNDORF Car Audio Caps

Storage capacitors are basic equipment for every high class car stereo. Because no audio system is better than its power supply!
The installation should be performed by an expert only. Also any follow-up works at the car’s electrical system have to performed with utmost caution (danger of short circuit).
Mundorf HeadCaps solving almost every car receiver problem caused by voltage issues, like:
- Flickering monitors
- Losing navigation data while start/stop processes
- Losing phone connections while start/stop processes
mostly all caused by to thin supply wires leading to the head unit.
This capacitor is connected right behind it and stores supply capacity.

Additional Features:
- More detailed, subtle and powerful music reproduction
- Available as on-board computer friendly version MPC68i
- Relieves and protects batteries and alternators
- Follow-me-home-music

The 1 and 1,5 Farad capacitors assist serious car audio amplifiers in storing huge amounts of supply capacity.

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