Electrolytic capacitors, 4-pole technology, high grade, 16000 hours, 125/105ºC, pitch 10mm

The MLytic®+ 4-pole Power Supply Capacitor series is especially engineered for use in small but excellent power and pre-amplifiers.
Due to their superior filter- and storage characteristics they are first choice for ambitious audio engineers.

These capacitors offer non-magnetic, massive connected straight, tinned copper leads Ø 1.2mm ≈ AWG17. Normally steel rods are used.
Additionally they own a vibration-reducing, traction-relieving, self adhesive MPSA mounting p, which glues it to the PCB.

Please note that these are very rare true 4-pole capacitors. They are NOT compatible with 2-pole, 4-pin types!
With MLGO+ capacitors all four pins are connected as shown in the schematics. Due to this the current flows in only one direction.

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