MUNDORF SUP.SG, MKP capacitor, SUPREME winding technology, silver/gold
With the MCap® SUPREME Classic SilverGold MUNDORF have once again lived up to our reputation as one of the internationally leading manufacturers of audiophile components in 2004. It combines the outstanding three-dimensionality of our SUPREME technology with the brilliant and vibrant timbres of our SilverGold-alloy. The listening experience with MCap® SUPREME Classic SilverGold capacitors excels with tonal beauty and elegance, finely nuanced and colourful timbres of sound, an accurate detail reproduction and sheer joy of music.

- Dielectric: Polyprophylene
- Metallisation: 99% silver / 1% gold
- Dielectric strengtht: 1.000 VDC
- Loss factor: tan ∂ = 0.0002 bei 1kHz
- Loss factor: tan ∂ = 0.0001 bei 10kHz
- Permissible ambient temperature 70°C/158°F

- Supreme winding technology

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