MUNDORF ZN, MKP capacitor, tin plating
Since 2001 the MCap® ZN Classic enjoys with ultimate vividness and dynamics of all our capacitors that results from the enormous conductivity of the used massive tin foil. Its loss factor [tan ∂ @ 1kHz] is ten-times lower than of metallised PP-film capacitors. Additionally the mass inertia of the tin foil prevents oscillations in the benefit of transparency and spatiality. Lead-free tin foil means – aside from positive environmental aspects – also an improved sound characteristic as of year of manufacture 2007.

- Dielectric: Polyprophylene
- Dielectric Strength 100-630 VDC
- Metal Foil: Tin. 6 μm
- Loss Angle: 0.00002@ 1kHz; 0.00001@ 10kHz
- Permissible ambient tempreature 85°C/185°F

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