MUNDORF SUP8, MKP capacitor, SUPREME winding technology
Very soon after its market launch in 1992 the MCap® SUPREME Classic has been internationally acclaimed as top-class capacitor. Today it is considered by many users as a milestone in the modern audiophile capacitor generation. The self-healing PP capacitor film used here is first metallised with the thickest possible aluminium layer, then wound precisely into distinctive SUPREME winding geometry and finally potted by hand into special aluminium cans to minimise microphony. These features are reflected in the music reproduction with their holographic three dimensionality and outstanding tonal balance.

- Dielectric: Polyprophylene
- Metallisation: aluminium
- Dielectric strength: 600-1400 VDC
- Loss angle: tan∂ = 0.0002@1 kHz; 0.0001@10 kHz
- Permissible ambient temperature 85°C/185°F

- Supreme winding technology