Capacitor with polypropylene foil whereas 2 separate coils are connected in series. Through this a non-inductive and damping depleted setup is achieved.
These ultra low loss capacitors have been developed for extreme impulse/power handling. An important design/constructional feature is the power handling of the connection between the foils (electrodes) and the end leads.
The AUDYN CAP PLUS has a vastly improved system of connecting the electrodes to the end leads. AUDYN CAP PLUS also utilises an internal series connection system whereby layers of metal foil are combined with a one-sided metallized "blind" layer. As a result of the double metallization performance is greatly enhanced.

An absolute top quality high-end capacitor for passive and active audio circuits.

- Container: Aluminium-Plastic Cup
- Grouting: Epoxy
- Connections: Copper Wires, tinned
- Capacity Region: from 0.10 uF to 22 uF
- Wire Voltages: 800 V / 1200 V
- C-Tolerance: ± 2 %

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