INTERTECHNIK Audyn True Silver

High quality polypropylene capacitor for High End audiophile applications. A capacitor with absolutely neutral balance. Highly recommended for use as a high-end tweeter capacitor or as a coupling capacitor.
The Audyn True Silver is not only named "Silver", but is a true silver polypropylene film capacitor. Thus, there is no risk of evaporation occurring in oil or dielectric filled capacitors.

High performance audiophile capacitor.

- Silver metallised polypropylene capacitor
- pure silver lead wires
- Induction free
- bifilar winding
- massive plastic housing protects the capacitor
- selfhealing construction
- Capacity: 0,10 µF to 25,0 µF
- Voltage: 1000 V
- C-Tolerance: ± 2 %
- Temperature : -25 C bis + 70 C
- tang : < 0,00020 bei 1 kHz

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