MUNDORF MCap Classic capacitors information

The MCap® Classic series has formed the basis of the Mundorf audio film capacitors since 1990. Avoiding an additional housing, the simple printing method and the classic longitudinal structure make it possible to create the most compact and cost-effective MKP-types. True to their motto of “Inner Excellence”, the best material selection and highest production quality guarantee low tolerances and the highest standards of safety in use, even in this entry-level model. The MCap® Classic’s three-dimensional, precise sound pattern, the richly detailed, harmonic music playback and dynamics are guaranteed with aluminised PP capacitor film. These MKP capacitors are available in 250V, 400V and 630V rating:

Very soon after its market launch in 1992 the MCap® SUPREME Classic has been internationally acclaimed as top-class capacitor. Today it is considered by many users as a milestone in the modern audiophile capacitor generation. The self-healing PP capacitor film used here is first metallised with the thickest possible aluminium layer, then wound precisely into distinctive SUPREME winding geometry and finally potted by hand into special aluminium cans to minimise microphony. These features are reflected in the music reproduction with their holographic three-dimensionality and outstanding tonal balance:

For the very first time the MCap®SUPREME Classic Silver.Oil successfully combined the advantages of metalized PP-film capacitors with the benefits of oil impregnated capacitors and the multi-faceted detail of silver conductors in 2002. Silver of the highest purity (typically 99.99%) is first metallised with the thickest possible layer, then wound precisely into distinguished SUPREME winding geometry, then equipped with tin-plated copper wires and finally potted by hand into aluminium cans:

MCap®SUPREME Classic Silver.Gold = 99% silver + 1% gold = 100% music. The use of this conductor material can be condensed into this simple formula. The ultrapure Gold (typically 99.99%) changes the crystalline structure of silver and maximises its very good electrical conductivity. Instruments and voices unfurl their whole range of lively acoustic colours and their character is illuminated and becomes experiencable in all nuances. ‚Crystal clear‘ on the one hand, the playback is lively and warm at the same time, embedded into a delicately differentiated picture and steeped in musical beauty. Delicate elegance, tonal purity and its lively dynamics make this exquisite material stand out from all others!
With the MCap® SUPREME Classic SilverGold MUNDORF has once again lived up to their reputation as one of the internationally leading manufacturers of audiophile components in 2004. It combines the outstanding three-dimensionality of their SUPREME technology with the brilliant and vibrant timbres of our SilverGold-alloy. The listening experience with MCap®SUPREME Classic SilverGold capacitors excels with tonal beauty and elegance, finely nuanced and colourful timbres of sound, an accurate detail reproduction and sheer joy of music.

Thanks to its Oil impregnation, the MCap® SUPREME Classic SilverGold.Oil enjoys improved presence and dynamics:

Since 2001 the MCap® ZN Classic enjoys with ultimate vividness and dynamics of all MUNDORF capacitors that results from the enormous conductivity of the used massive tin foil. Its loss factor [tan ∂ @ 1kHZ] is ten-times lower than of metallised PP-film capacitors. Additionally the mass inertia of the tin foil prevents oscillations in the benefit of transparency and spatiality. Lead-free tin foil means – aside from positive environmental aspects – also an improved sound characteristic as of year of manufacture 2007:

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