VH-Audio ODAM capacitors

  V-Cap ODAM Oil Damped Advanced Metalized Audio Capacitors

For years, audiophiles have faced a difficult choice between the grain-free, musical attributes of true film/foil capacitors, vs the smaller size and relative cost effectiveness of metallized film designs. In 2005 VH Audio took that challenge head on, launching the V-Cap OIMP series: the ground-breaking Oil Impregnated Metallized Polypropylene film capacitor series we proudly refer to as "one of the most transparent and musical oil capacitors ever made". Offering transparency, reliability and unprecedented low noise; the V-Cap OIMP series found immediate, enthusiastic market acceptance.

Building on his experience, VH Audio founder Chris VenHaus leveraged more than twelve years of innovation in manufacturing, materials sciences and metallurgy to again advance the State-of-the-Art in cap design and manufacturing. The mission: To rival the performance of the very best film/foil capacitors on the market, with a lower cost and added versatility of smaller size. The result is the new V-Cap ODAM capacitor series, which sets a new standard for transparency, musicality and reliability... in a compact form factor.
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