MUNDORF Aircore coils, foil

MCoil Foil coils are wound layer by layer and are of particularly low-capacitive, even though their similarity to foil wound capacitors would suggest otherwise.
Their unique performance quality unites the tonal virtues of OFC Copper foil with the clarity and precision generally typical for all air core coils, alongside the authenticity of a tightly cemented reel which is practically microphonic-free.
Thanks to the large surface area (preventing Skin-effect) of MUNDORF MCoil CFC foil coils they unite the tonal clarity, beauty and distortion-free performance of air core coils with the stereophonic spaciousness of tightly-wound coils, alongside the harmonious-warmth and splendid brightness of strand copper wire. They are therefore the first choice for high quality high and mid frequency applications which focus on a finely detailed, utmost refined musical fidelity performed within a truly holographic life-like staging.
There are five widths available: 15, 17, 28, 44 and 70mm.

MCoil VLCU Paper Copper Film Inductors are built the same way, but use ultra-soft Abacá Esparto special paper as a dielectric medium, dip-impregnated with viscoplastic insulation resin.
This assures a high mechanical damping of coil vibrations, almost free of microphonic effect even without a housing. Extremely calm acoustic pattern and the finest micro-dynamics.

There are four widths available 15, 22, 44 and 70mm.

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