MUNDORF Aircore coils, wire

Air cored wire coils are the most commonly used coils in the loudspeaker industry based on some interesting factors: most basic design, no core distortion nor losses, etc. As always, these benefits come with some disadvantages or as our famous footballer Johan Cruyff once said: "elk voordeel hep se nadeel". There is relatively much copper required for a certain value and so the coil is also relatively large, both compared to cored types.

Mcoil L-series air cored coils are made from massive copper round wire 0,5 - 2*6mm and are especially developed for high quality loudspeakers, which focus on achieving an utmost natural, detailed and acoustically balanced music performance.

The acoustical properties of the L series can yet be significantly enhanced by applying Baked Wire Treatment and found as the BL-types with wires <2,0mm. In this process the sticky OFC wire is wound on the core and then heated up for a short time. After cooling down the result is a massive coil without microphonic effects.

On air coils using wires with a larger than 2,0mm cross-section (VL-series) this baked wire principle works insufficient, so improvement is done by a more time consuming vacuum impregnation process where winding after winding a sticky laquer is added. The coil is then placed under a stolp, where than about all the air is sucked out.
As a result the sticky laquer is filling up all the air space within the coil, resulting in a most massive coil, preventing any microphonic effects.

The LL-types use a Heptastrand multiple wire structure with a way larger surface area, resulting in a way smaller "Skin-effect" behavior and therefore most suited for mid/high frequency crossovers.
LL45 is also baked for optimal results as with the BL-series.

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