MUNDORF Drumcore coils

MCoil Drum-Core coils made from oxygenfree copper (OFC) round-wire 0,5 - 1,8mm have been developed for mid, low and parallel applications for which compact dimensions, a low basic distortion level as well as the lowest possible internal resistance and a reasonable value for money ratio are of key importance.
The tonal quality of these coils is a convincing blend of the typical harmoniously-neutral sound of solid core copper round-wire and the natural vitality and enhanced tonal dynamic of HP3616 core material.

The fine properties of the H-series can be further improved by applying Baked Wire Treatment as introduced with BH-series.

Wire diameters 0,71 - 1,8mm.

The fine properties of the BH-series can be further improved by using the 7*0,45mm Heptastrand litze wired coils as introduced with the LH-series.
The German-made ferrite material HP3616 used by MUNDORF offers a significantly higher performance than the Asian cores used in many other products. It is characterised by low basic distortions and rapid magnetic reversibility (= change of field direction). The music signal is hardly delayed so that coils with ferrite cores are perfect for use in correcting components (as so-called peaking coils) and in the middle frequency range.
So far the only ferrite material HP3616 met MUNDORF's high demands regarding resilience and distortion making it suitable even for use in the middle-low frequency and bass range for lower amplifier performance.
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