MUNDORF FERON E-cored coils

MUNDORF's transformer E-core coils combine both lowest distortion rate and precise pulse signal with low internal resistance, even under highest output levels. Therefore they have been the benchmark for extremely precise and powerful but deep bass performance for more than 30 years!
They lack the I-part of the VN series, which has to be carefully aligned on the E-part, beeing quite time consuming. Due to this missing part, the internal resistance is also higher than in the VN-series coils.
The today standard vaccum impregnation process makes it a massive, microphonic free coil.

Wire sizes 1,25 - 2*6mm with matching E-core.

The newly developed VTCU-series use the same FERON E-cores, yet wound with OFC copper foil, insulated by resin soaked Abacá Esparto paper, giving it a very nice "sound" character in presentation of the finest details in sound.

Foil widths 22, 44 and 70mm with matching E-cores.
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