MUNDORF transformer (ZOC, NOS) cored coils

MUNDORF's Zero-Ohm-Coil (ZOC) not only is a remarkable milestone in their +38 years lasting company history but certainly a true milestone within the field of audiophile coil technology in general too. As back then today the ZOC is still to set the standards for the utmost musical fidelity in all respects considering a convincingly performed low frequency spectrum in subtle coloration. They were specially developed for low frequency applications for which maximum performance fidelity. Tonal neutrality and the smallest possible internal resistance are of primary importance. That way these coils also enable the high efficiency of today’s High End loudspeakers to be optimally enhanced, even with low-output single-ended tube applications. They are called Zero-Ohm (Z.O.C.) or in German Null-Ohm (N.O.S.) coils, because of their unbeaten lowest resistance possible.
This coil is available in wire diameters 1,25 - 2*6mm with matching E/I cores

The newly developed VNCU-series use the same FERON E/I-cores, yet wound with OFC copper foil, insulated by resin soaked Abacá Esparto paper, giving it a very nice "sound" character. This most probably makes them the very best coils available today.

Available foil widths 44 and 70mm.
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