INTERTECHNIK Air therm coils Ø1,32mm

INTERTECHNIK Air Therm Ø1,32mm
These inductors are made from a special coil (thermoplastic coil). An additional layer of varnish is melted on the wire during or after the coiling procedure using hot air or a current impulse. This effect is comparable to impregnation under vacuum. This coiling technique achieves a vibration free inductor coiling. This coil type is suited for even the most demanding applications at an excellent price / performance.

- Wire: Ø 1,32mm
- Conductor: 99.99% Oxygen-Free Copper
- Insulation: Type V Enamel
- Bobbin material: ABS
- Dimensional stability (Shape retention): 85ºC
- Inductance values tested at: 1 kHz/25oC
- Inductance tolerance: +/-5%
- Connecting leads: 50mm (Insulated 20mm minimum)
- Core Type: Bar core
- Core material: Grain oriented silicon iron laminations