INTERTECHNIK Corobar 92 coils

Excellent core saturation performance. Superior grade iron dust core inductors are automatically wound with OFC wire. They boast low E.S.R. and high power handling. The use of an iron dust material greatly reduces the wire length for a specific inductance, subsequently providing a lower DC resistance, greater damping of drive units and improved signal integrity. Large sized cores are used so that saturation at higher listening levels is negligible. The reduction of resistance in the signal path combined with a high grade wire provides a good improvement over ferrite and air core types, which by comparison sound dull and lifeless. Notable improvements include greater efficiency & dynamics, tighter, cleaner bass, and the tonal balance of mid-high frequencies is more lifelike.

- Kupferdraht : 1,40mm
- CU Reinheit : > 99,99%
- Drahtanschlußlänge : 10 / 40mm
- Verzinnungslänge : 9mm
- Spulenkörpermaterial: ABS
- Kernbauform : COROBAR® 92
- L-Toleranz : +- 5%
- L-Meßwert : Nom. 25ºC Cu. 1kHz

Values: 4,7 - 12mH
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