MUNDORF Pipecore coils

The most lower valued MCoil FERRITE PipeCore Coils made from solid core copper wire and have been specially developed for mid, low and parallel applications, for which compact dimensions and a reasonable price/performance-ratio are of essential importance as given for, e.g., adjustment devices, impedance correction networks or car audio crossovers.

Wire thickness: 0,50 - 1,4mm.

The tonal qualities of the P-series and its much satisfying music performance can yet be enhanced by Baked Varnish as used in the BP series. While winding the coil a varnish is added. Then the coil is heated, where the varnish hardens and makes it a solid, microphone free coil.

Wire thickness: 0,71 - 1,4mm.

The lower valued PipeCore coils use standard ferrite material, where the higher valued MCoil PipeCore Coils use Aronit, a material which can withstand higher loads. They combine the balanced, detailed and dynamic tone colour of OFC round wire with the low output distortions and internal resistance of Aronit cores. They are therefore an excellent choice for good value and compact yet heavy-duty midwoofer, woofer and subwoofer coils, including for PA applications (Aronit cores!). With the article description is list whether a Ferrite or an Aronit core is used.
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