Angel Hair damping

In 2008 already TEIJIN Aramid Arnhem (NL) developed in cooperation with ELTIM audio a very well performing speaker damping material based on TWARON Aramid fibers. For about a decade, ELTIM's TWARON® Angel Hair was the best available and a unique damping material for loudspeakers and other sound absorbing processes like Tube Traps, sound absorbing panels, etc. Per september 2017 we were faced with a minimum order quantity of 200 tonns/order, qua volume similar to 65x 12m containers..... 1m² of loose filled weighs only around 2kg. Despite our serious sales volume this huge amount was way out of the audio community league, so this succes story ended there. In those days we also developed variants for others for special purposes like tweeter chamber filling.

UPDATE:  from July 2023 on we can supply this fantastic product again !
We modified it a bit and became a bit stiffer than before.  

The effect it has to the speaker sound is way different compared to all other damping material we know. Unlike this material they all just damp, that's it. The drastic sound improvement is comparable with changing cables, equipment, etc. to way higher quality. More dynamics, better 3D, more detail, better and deeper base response, etc.

Comparing price/kg with f.e. sheepwool is senseless since Angel Hair
is 10-30x more in volume and also perfoms way better!

Human hair (LT 2008!) against Twaron fibers
ELTIM  Angel Hair
NOTE: you only need 3-10 grams/liter volume!  DATASHEET
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