DC/AC inverters 12/24Vdc > 230Vac

DC/AC inverters are electronic devices, capable of transforming a Vdc signal into a 230Vac signal for electronic devices such as TV's, PC's, bike chargers, etc. Basically there are two types of DC/AC inverters:

-     Modified sine wave inverters.
Cheap, but not capable of charging all kinds of devices due to the heavily distorted sine wave signal. About all non electronics stuff like lamps, cookers, etc. will work.

-     True sine wave inverters.
Since these devices mostly even provide a cleaner sine wave output than the power grid at home you can connect all kinds of electronics to it. Since it requires a lot more electronics to get this job done, they are more expensive that the modified sive wave versions.

There is a lot of cheap crap inverters in the market, about all not tested, nor CE approved!. We only sell quality and approved material as all over our website. We don't want to be called that your camper went into flames because of a defect inverter coming from us.....
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