XENTEQ DC/AC inverters 12/24V > 230Vac

With the PurePower series DC/AC inverters the Dutch company XENTEQ offers high quality, sustainable DC/AC inverters, converting the 12V, 24V or 48V supply of your (recreation) vehicle, car or boat into a pure sine wave shaped 230V supply. Since it offers a true sine wave output about every 230V equipment will function as if you would use it at home actually.

Check the power (wattage) of the equipment you want to use and select the version with some overpower. Possible problems with a higher inrush current is taken care of. All types have a 100% short term overload capacity available. Also check if the dimensions fit the space you are planning to build it in. Since the 12/24V side will take a lot of current, the battery leads need to be as short and thick as possible in order to avoid losses. Unlike many other brands these battery cables are already supplied with the unit, so no surprises with extra and expensive cabling.
You also can decide for a simple on/off remote module or even one with a display showing all kinds of functionality of the inverter. All there products meet CE-requirements, documents available. XENTEQ gives a 2 year warranty on these products.

Warning: Since there are a lot of cheap "modified sine wave" inverters in the market you need to know that a lot of equipment won't function properly or even not at all due to the highly distorted modified (stepped rectangle) shape of the supplied voltage. Some gear can even become overheated actually. A lot of them and also a lot of true sinewave inverters are marked CE indeed, but the letters are very close to each other. That means "China Export" and has nothing to do with any kind of control checks at all and pollution, safety rules, etc. a most probably ignored. Damages, fires, etc. caused by this kind of equipment is never insured!

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