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EVOR04, Multifunctional audio indicator, 3,5" full colour TF

Price per piece Functions: VU-meter, 31 band real time spectrum (w. hold), Oscilloscope, Envelope, Goniometer

EVOR04, Multifunctional audio indicator, 3,5" full colour TF
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  • 3.5" TFT Color LCD display
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Wide range 5V to 24V power supply or powering trough USB
  • 7 viewing modes: VU meter, 31 band real time spectrum, Oscilloscope, Envelope, Goniometer (X-Y plot), Analog VU meter, Frequency tune
  • 2 displayed channels, each individually selectable from 2 inputs (total 4 inputs)
  • TRUE power measurement and display with some additional components
  • more than 200 adjustable parameters
  • 48 programmable presets
  • 127 image slots for background and skins
  • Adjustable 0dB reference in range from 2.2 mVrms to 2 Vrms
  • Wide bandwidth input signal 8 Hz - 22 kHz
  • USB communication with a PC

Many viewing modes with lot of adjustable parameters:










  • Four audio input connectors, in two pairs for Left and Right channels. Input level range from 2.2 mVrms to 2Vrms in 0.75 dB steps
  • Power connector for wide range sypply voltage: 5 V - 24 V
  • USB-B connector for 5V power and communication