ELTIM DIY Speakerkits

Together with all the troubles we experienced from say 2019-2022 (price increases, delivery problems of parts and Angel Hair damping material, etc.) we stopped selling our kits for a while. Also, the increasing number of unpleasant replies regarding delivery times, prices, etc. made us decide this way.
Let's try again now and have some fun (you and we) again. With our renovation of an ugly, at that time unbranded speaker in March 2023 my DIY fire relighted again because i never heard a nicer, more musical playing speaker like this. That is peculiar, because in today's DIY world the only "correct" speaker seems to be slick, 2-way 10-20 liter bassreflex one with a 17-18cm midwoofer, a 21-25mm tweeter and crossed by a 12dB parallel crossover. This renovated Altec Lansing A7 speaker is all except all this and still sounds amazingly well. Where are those days where so many other setups showed fantastic results.....??
We also notice another thing: frequency curve has to be absolutely flat today! Why? If you put it in different rooms this curve is dramatically altered by the room. You know that, because you most likely changed positions of your speakers, resulting in another sound.
We go for flat impedance and phase curves instead resulting in a system acting as one, better 3D, no "lobes" and rock solid bass. In last 15 years we, as MOREL Europe till 2014, developed quite a number of speaker kits based on MOREL drive units. Today we list the best sold ones only.

For about everybody it is about impossible to design a proper working 6/6dB serial crossover because it takes way to much time in a "tryal and error" process. Every change in a value dramatically changes the total result. Most also try to use drive units not capable to handle the power outside their active bandwidth.
We developed a calculation program where we can enter all speaker acoustic performance parameters combined with the behaviour of a serial 6/6 crossover, resulting in a very natural sound, free of side lobes as all parallel filters show. Walk around your speaker and you hear what we mean, the performance changes.
With our program we see the changes in impedance, phase and frequency in graphs while changing parts values. This results in absolute flat phase and impedance curves, even around the woofer Fs. This latter makes you smile while listening to the bass behaviour which is massive, solid and fast. Even with a 16cm woofer there is no sub required! Question of a DIY dealer: "how can you make the impedance curve that flat with so few parts?". This results in a way "tougher" bass as you are used to, even wit as 16cm as we mostly use.

ELTIM XO-1 multi purpose (LP/BP/HP/Serial) PCB with E620 parts.

We build the required enclosures in our own carpentry shop with professional Topan MDF, so we could make slight adjustment to your need.
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