ELTIM DIY Speakerkits

We at ELTIM are technical audiophiles, so don't expect the known commercial bla, bla here. We simply try to design speakers with the highest possible audio experience at a reasonable price for over 40 years. You won't find unaffordable "out of space" drive units, parts, nor cabinets like that in our port folio. We have idea's different from others and check in an audible way what happens with our feeling. Tears, smile, goosepimps, tapping? Then it works. We are not measuring till we drop dead and neither have the smoothest frequency graph; makes no sense since every room and even the position in it changes this as most of you already experienced. Your ears are "designed" to detect the phase coherence (= orientation) of sounds, so unlike about everybody else we focus on a flat phase response of our speakers, the more because this doesn't change with room space or location in it.
Interested in some techical stuff? Read the special document we made about how we do it differently.

Also, our cabinet shapes and dimensions have a reason. Ever heard of the mathematical number PHI (1,618, no not PI)?  Most of our cabinets are designed while using this "golden ratio" number about everywhere. Due to this the cabinet could have some different dimensions as you are used to and the drivers could be located on different positions as with others. Wirth our serial crossover design the location of them is way less critical compared to standard designs.They are located in a PHI specific location as all panel sizes and even positions of strengthening ribs and reflex ports are.The effective result is somewhat different than you are used to simply due to the lack of "lobes" (walk around your today's speakers and notice the difference in sound) caused by higher order parallel crossovers. With our philosophy there is hardly a "hot spot" where you have to sit fo optimal sound. One can notice this very easily by walking around or listen to the music anywhere in the house; the sound stays homogenous everywhere, peculiar.

We use professional Topan MDF in the separately sold cabinets, having a neutral sound character, is easy to work with and is easy to paint as well, so higher quality at lower cost, the more since we do all in our own facilities. The panels are fully handmade on our carpentry shop and you can even watch and/or assist.
Send us a mail about your ideas or other design ideas.

All listed prices are for speaker kit PAIRS, All required parts, except the cabinet parts are supplied. You can order the cabinet parts together (and only!) with the speaker kits.
ELTIM XO-1 multi purpose (LP/BP/HP/Serial) PCB with E620 parts.          

We build the required enclosures in our own carpentry shop by hand with very smooth
professional Topan MDF, so we could make slight adjustment to your need:
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