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ELTIM CA621, two-way stand/bookshelf speaker kit, mkIII

Price per piece Contains all parts for construction of this kit, excl. wood and metal parts.

ELTIM CA621, two-way stand/bookshelf speaker kit, mkIII
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Very nice, smooth sounding 2-way sealed bookshelf/stand speaker based on

The cabinet drawing and schematics we only send together with the kit.
We can also supply a ready built cabinet. You just need to finish it the way you like.
Production on demand
This design is one of the many we made in our former function as "MOREL Europe". Due to the quality of the drivers in combination of our (WORKING) serial crossovers, the sound is vey homogonous. Making this work is due to our own serial crossover calculation software. Only with the help of this software we were able to design a working serial crossover within a reasonable time.

Especially with this model we experimented with our serial crossover calculating program and finetuned it based on what we were hearing. In the market you'll find several of these mkI and mkII versions in demorooms. We are now at the even more nice sounding CA-621 mkIII actually, only available at ELTIM audio.

The kit is supplied with the drivers, crossover parts, Angel Hair damping, wiring, terminal and our XO-1 PCB where all components exactly fit.
After mounting the parts yourself, it then looks like this:
The terminals and both units are connected by goldplated screw terminals.
If you like we can deliver the crossovers as mounted versions as well.

We are also able to supply the cabinet made from professional Topan MDF. Just finish it yourself.