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ELTIM S614 "Solo", floorstanding Fullrange speaker kit, mkII

Price per piece Contains all parts for construction of this kit, excl. wood and metal parts.

ELTIM S614 "Solo", floorstanding Fullrange speaker kit, mkII
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The reviews was with our test/demo (mkI) version.
In summer 2017 we modified it as mkII:
slightly larger cabinet, NO filter parts, regular internal wiring.
The cabinet drawing and schematics we only send together with the kit.

This ELTIM SOLO (S614) fullrange design is one of the many DIY kits we made in our former function as "MOREL Europe". Due to the quality of the driver in combination with the lack of crossovers, the sound is overwhelming homogonous and makes you laugh right away, because what you hear doesn't match with what you see. It cannot come from this single 16cm. unit, we agree to that. YET, many (even professional) people have listened to our mkI test/demo model at our office and at shows, ALL showing me their goosepimples, wondering where this rich and open sound is caused by. Even the MOREL general and export managers where truly amazed while visiting us in 2014: "Louis, how are you doing that? This is not possible".  They about all also start looking for a subwoofer, because a deep, well controlled bass with THIS punch and sound quality cannever come from a pair of 16cm's. Yet, it does actually AND even in very high quality AND even at a high power level. Perhaps it's amazing quality of the driver, the double chamber philosopy, the Angel Hair or the design combination? We don't know and don't care, but it does for years in our livingroom now. We smile every day while listening to it as you would do at your home. We invite you to come, listen, and be surprised. if we are attending at a show, you simply have to listen to it. If we do, we will demonstrate with our own amplifiers as well.

Over the years listening to it as you would, we did find some points we believed we could improve a bit. Actually, there were only three minor items: some female vocals sounded a bit "thin", we missed the real top frequency range sometimes and the dispersion pattern sounded a bit narrow in certain types of music, causing a quite small "hot spot". Strange enough, you could sit about everywhere while listening to popular music.

We made the mkII version 16mm wider, allowing the unit to "breathe" more easily into the cabinet. Now, the 28mm thick front is a bit wider and the "cheeks" are longer as well. With this new cabinet we tested WITHOUT any crossover parts, just 1 meter of internal wiring, that's it. And here is an example of the "overtweaking" we all tend to do. In the mkI we tried to flatten the units frequency graph with some components. Now it turns out that just a plain unit sounds much richer and now the top end is truly there. The vibrating bass guitar snares sound fantastic. Female vocals (simply the news reader f.e.) is now clear without "overdoing". The top end is clear and crispy. Cymbals, tamborines, etc. now also sing and sound great.
You can finished the backside with f.e. a 50mm wide aluminium strip. In the ready speakers we build, we use a slightly bended anodized aluminium profile.
Since in the bottom end a universal PCB fits where you could mount correcting parts, you can still tune the speaker to your taste a bit. You even could mount 2-way parts and add a tweeter, but why would you?

Unfortunatelly, we found out that several DIY stores use our DIY designs, "forgetting" to buy them from us. Since we run a business, spending a lot of time (read: money) in developing, we had to stop this peculiar and brutal todays behaviour, so this larger mkII version of the S-614 model will only be available at ELTIM audio. Just as all our other DIY speaker designs. What you still find in shops are our very first, over 10 years old models, f.e our CA-621 is only demonstrated and sold in first version (2005?). We are at mkIV by now, sounding way better due to improved defining of the crossover values calculated by our own serial crossover calculating software. Today, actual ELTIM speaker kits are only available at ELTIM audio, nowhere else any more.

This ELTIM SOLO mkII kit contains the MOREL SCM-634 driver, MUNDORF Angel Hair and all other damping material, reflex pipe, 1 mtr KCE-LSW25 wire with schrinked, goldplated 6,3mm MUNDORF fastons and binding terminals BP252G as in the picture below.
The back of the cabinet can be sealed off with f.e. a 50mm wide aluminium profile. We use a minimal rounded, anodised profile ourself as in the picture below, looking great. 1 meter of it is delivered with our raw built speaker cabinet we also supply.
The cabinet drawing we only send together with this kit.

We are also able to supply the cabinet made of professional Topan MDF. We produce and preassemble them in our own carpentry workshop by hand. The front- and bottompanel and back rib are not mounted in order to allow you to mount the wiring and damping material.
Just finish it yourself the way you like and/or are able to. They are waiting for you:

      NEW, mkII version in production                                          Backbone with BP252G