In the period between 2001 and 2014 we operated, amongst other functions, as "MOREL Europe", keeping (around 2000+) stock and provide service for this remarkable sounding brand. The tweeters are known for their honest sound, never fatiguing, whatever the sound level is. Indeed, you have to get used to the sound of most woofers, but after some time you will experience rest in your body as about no other brand shows. They deserve more attention actually. With our experience with these woofers we do way more than calculation programs and data show somehow. Yes, the DIY community is convinced that a 12dB filter is the perfect one, which we doubt by the way, due to the fact that most units don't accept lower order crossovers. Morel's do and we advise to try at least an easy listening 6dB crossover giving a very nice and open sound. Actually, in our DIY designs we use 6/6dB serial crossovers and made software to perfect match all. Unlike about everybody else we don't match on frequency curve, but on phase response. Our designs don't have the huge phase shifts around the crossover point as higher order filters show. Your ears are way more sensitive to that than on frequency behaviour, which also changes while relocating your speakers, size of the room, etc.

Even in the 90's we cooperated with German company AMA and together we made several DIY designs, as Kent, York, Devon and amazingly good sounding Morelline (transmissionline). In the past years we as ELTIM audio also made several designs as you can find elsewhere on our website. Listen to them on a show, at a dealer or at our office. Adapt for half an hour and be surprised. Due to a severe business misunderstanding on behalf of Morel we decided to stop distribution in 2014 with pain in our hearts. Now we are a dealer and about only sell to the DIY market.
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