The FlexUnits system was developed to fulfil individual data as desired, and AT is able
to meet even the most specific individual requirements – mechanical as well as electrical.

Fs, Vas and Qts can all be modified and the coil former can be made
of either aluminum or Kapton or a combination of both.
In special cases the cone material and suspensions parts can also be changed.
Gap height and coil length as well as diameter can be selected individually
and the magnet size can be altered to fit the needed strength required.

For the less experienced customer, AT made a line of multipurpose drivers,
presented below, from 4” mid-woofers through 15” subwoofers, enabling
you to approach a project the more conventional way.
It is also possible to use one of the standard drivers as a raw model,
and getting parameters changed in the direction you wish.

If you want a model with other specs. than listed below, send us an
email with all possible driver data you have in mind. They can make it !
Please note – also AT can only operate within the laws of nature.
Features of the FlexUnits drivers:
  • The cone material is stiff well damped Polypropylene, that result in controlled roll off without breakups. The cones exhibit great uniformity. Also sandwich cone possible.
  • Complete freedom from dynamic compression is achieved by generous ventilation through the polepiece, under the spider and from the voice coil gap. This is important to insure free movement, low distortion and high power handling.
  • Iron parts are machine turned to obtain the highest possible contact and amount of magnetic energy transfer.
  • Chassis made of diecast, bolted together aluminum parts.
  • The magnets used are of low loss ferrite type. The magnetic force is individually adjusted on every driver.
  • A uniform resonance frequency is assured by minimum suspension tolerances.
  • The 52mm, 77mm or 102mm voice coils are wound of copper clad aluminium wire in a hexagonal pattern to create a very compressed, heat transferring structure.
  • Gold plated connectors.
  • Long life and even after accidental abuse the drivers can be repaired.
Explanation of the codes used to name AT FlexUnits drivers:
All mentioned parts above can be altered to get the unit with the desired specs.

Nobody has stock of these units and they are handmade especially for you. Lead time is around 30 days!

Below just some often used examples:
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