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DAYTON AUDIO PM220-8, 8" Wideband Midbass Neo Driver

Price per piece 43-10000Hz, 8Ω, 95dB, Fs=-Hz, VAS=73,8, Qts=0,34

DAYTON AUDIO PM220-8, 8" Wideband Midbass Neo Driver
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• Kevlar-reinforced paper cone for excellent detail
• Klippel-optimized, high-performance design
• Wide 43 to 10,000 Hz bandwidth meets high 95 dB sensitivity
• Perfect complement for ribbon and planar tweeters
• Neodymium ring motor with underhung geometry

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The Dayton Audio PM220-8 8" midbass driver is based on the same platform as the acclaimed Point Source full-range drivers, but designed for esoteric high-performance applications requiring an extremely wide-bandwidth midrange or midbass driver. The PM220-8 model provides the ultimate in high-efficiency performance in a variety of system designs, including vented, transmission line, folded horn, or open baffle applications.

The PM Series mid-bass drivers feature ultra-linear Klippel-optimized neodymium motors with copper cap and shorting ring for low distortion, and lightweight, low-loss Kevlar-reinforced paper cones for exceptional detail and high efficiency. The wide bandwidth and extended upper range of these drivers makes them the perfect complement to ribbon and planar-magnetic tweeters.