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DAYTON AUDIO PA465S-8, 18" Pro Subwoofer 4" VC 8 Ohm

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DAYTON AUDIO PA465S-8, 18" Pro Subwoofer 4" VC 8 Ohm
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• Thick, rigid Kevlar-paper cone resists deformation
• Inside/outside wound 4" diameter voice coils for maximum motor efficiency
• Extensive motor venting for elevated power handling and cool operation
• 11mm of Klippel-verified Xmax
• Rugged cast-frame construction with premium materials

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With over two decades of high-performance loudspeaker development experience behind them, Dayton Audio PA series subwoofers deliver powerful, dependable bass performance with all of the features and quality of pricey Italian-made pro subwoofers, but at a price that’s a whole lot easier on your budget.

Klippel Optimized Motor Structure
The Dayton Audio PA Series subwoofers feature optimized motor structures that provide over 11mm of Klippel-verified Xmax (10mm coil overhang) with excellent symmetry and linearity, preventing distortion where it often begins – in the motor itself. Cleaner bass means higher impact, and better musical detail. The enormous high-grade ceramic magnet is economical yet highly efficient and stable, providing parameters that are a drop-in replacement for most existing pro audio subwoofer enclosures, but a significant upgrade in performance to most OEM drivers.

Advanced Cooling and Ventilation
The key to reliable, high-output bass is to get the heat away from the voice coil windings. The PA Series subwoofers feature 4-inch voice coils that use inside-outside windings, improving heat transfer and reducing power compression. The coils are also wound on fiberglass formers, which are much more resistant to heat-related deformation. Finally, the high-strength motor structures employ extensive venting, below the spider, through the pole piece, and into the gap itself.

Rugged, Reliable Construction
The heavy-duty cones used on the PA Series subwoofers contain a blend of Kevlar and paper fibers, for strength, rigidity, and durability, and the ribbed cone structure provides the necessary stiffness to withstand punishing bass transients. The cone and voice coil assembly is supported by a rugged long-throw suspension featuring dual spiders and a treated and deep-corrugated triple-roll surround, for clean and low-distortion stroke. The cone is coated to withstand incidental exposure to liquid, and the dust cap is anchored by a heavy bead of epoxy for dependable cone integrity. It’s all held together by the finest adhesives and a tough cast-aluminum frame that’s ready to take some road abuse.

When you’re looking for a dependable, heavy-duty subwoofer driver to power your system’s low end through anything, choose the PA Series pro subwoofers from Dayton Audio!
The 18” model is optimized for maximum deep bass extension in reflex-loaded enclosures. 15” model also available.

Sealed Volume 2.64 ft.³
Sealed F3 62 Hz
Vented Volume 6.38 ft.³
Vented F3 35 Hz