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DAYTON AUDIO SD270A-88, 10" Subwoofer, coated paper cone

Price per piece 30-1500Hz, 2x8Ω, 92,7dB, Fs=29,6Hz, VAS=112, Qts=0,44

DAYTON AUDIO SD270A-88, 10" Subwoofer, coated paper cone
61.50 *Prices include VAT
Article codeSD270A88

• Works equally well in sealed or vented enclosures
• Attractive gasket-less design
• Long-life rubber surround for years of reliable service
• Excellent bottom octave performance

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The Dayton Audio SD270A-88 10" subwoofer speaker is one of the best bang-for-the-buck low frequency drivers available today. Dayton Audio DVC Series woofers were designed to offer the maximum performance-per-dollar. The speakers feature poly coated paper cones, wide rubber surrounds, large dual 8 ohm voice coils, vented pole pieces, and bumped back plate295-48s. Their healthy Xmax, long-throw construction, and dual voice coils make them perfect for any economical yet high-performing subwoofer speaker system.

Sealed Volume 1.19 ft.³
Sealed F3 52 Hz
Vented Volume 3.71 ft.³
Vented F3 28 Hz
* Enclosure volume/F3s based on BassBox "optimum" calculations