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DAYTON AUDIO AMTPOD-4, Motion Transformer Automotive Tweeter

Price per pair

DAYTON AUDIO AMTPOD-4, Motion Transformer Automotive Tweeter
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• Air Motion Technology, for detailed, non-fatiguing treble
• Extended, open, dynamic high-frequency performance
• Angled enclosure can be placed anywhere in your vehicle
• Pleated Kapton diaphragm with aluminum conductor for high power handling
• Includes 3M VHB mounting tape and connecting leads

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Get ready for AMT treble quality in your car! The Dayton Audio AMTPOD-4 is a high-technology Air Motion Transformer tweeter encased in a compact angled "pod" enclosure for easy mounting in your car. Try them on your dashboard and experience a wide, expansive soundstage with open and extended highs and incredible detail!

The angled housings can be positioned anywhere on your dash or A-pillar, then adhered using the included mounting tape. Simply connect the included lead wires to an appropriate high-pass crossover (4500 Hz or above), and you're ready to begin enjoying audiophile-quality treble performance. The AMTPOD-4 tweeters are sold as a pair, to complete your installation at a great price!

Note: The AMTPOD-4 does not include an internal crossover capacitor; this allows you to choose the quality of the capacitor used. A non-polar 6.8 uF capacitor in series with the positive connection of the AMTPOD-4 is recommended to provide an effective crossover point near 4500 Hz. Using this tweeter without a high-pass filter capacitor is not recommended and may result in damage.