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DAYTON AUDIO AMTPRO-4, Air Motion Transformer Tweeter

Price per piece 800-18000Hz, 4Ω, 94dB, Fs=800Hz

DAYTON AUDIO AMTPRO-4, Air Motion Transformer Tweeter
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• Advanced Air Motion Transformer design "squeezes" air molecules instead of shoving or crushing them
• Folded Kapton ribbon diaphragm delivers clean, detailed, and highly dynamic output
• Robust metal faceplate provides secure, stable mounting
• Powerful, lightweight neodymium magnet structure for low distortion and high efficiency
• Open back design permits dipole or chamber loading
• Pro-level output and ruggedness for PA boxes, studio monitors, or high-efficiency home playback

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Dayton Audio's AMTPRO-4 model features an extremely large AMT diaphragm with an open-back design and powerful neodymium magnetic assembly. This combination produces high output and low distortion over a broad frequency range, while handling large amounts of amplifier power.
Perfect for use in PA loudspeakers, large-format studio monitors, custom cinema speakers, or extreme performance hi-fi loudspeakers, the AMTPRO-4 can easily be chamber-loaded or open-baffle loaded as required by a particular application. Thanks to its ability to be crossed over as low as 800 Hz, the AMTPRO-4 driver is a uniquely effective solution for midrange reproduction as well as treble, and can even be used as a wide-bandwidth “mid-tweeter” driver.

Dayton Audio AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeters borrow technology from the original ESS/Heil Air Motion Transformer to provide ultra-clean, detailed, and dynamic treble output. The pleated ribbon diaphragm of an AMT provides a large acoustic radiating area condensed into a compact chassis, for extremely high SPL output, wide bandwidth, and improved power handling.

Dimensions: Overall: 7.87" H x 3.94" W, Cutout: 6.77" H x 2.83" W, Depth: 1.42".