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DAYTON AUDIO DC130AS-8, 5<" Classic Shielded Woofer

DAYTON AUDIO DC130AS-8, 5<" Classic Shielded Woofer
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Article codeDC130AS8

• Use as a woofer, midbass, or a small subwoofer
• Smooth frequency response up to 2 kHz
• Aluminum voice coil and extended bump plate
• Shielded design increases performance
• 4 ohm impedance for series pair use in MTMs and center channel speakers

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Dayton Audio Classic Series woofers are excellent for use as replacement speakers or for new loudspeaker system design and construction. The DC130AS-8 shielded 5-1/4" woofer has developed quite a reputation for having the best bang-for-the-buck performance and value available anywhere. You can even be use the DC130AS-8 as a small subwoofer! The excellent low frequency performance will amaze you.
A non-pressed treated paper cone allows for smooth frequency response, while the high temperature aluminum voice coil increases power handling without compression. Longevity is ensured with the use of a rubber surround, treated cloth dust cap, and an extended bump plate.

Sealed Volume 0.19 ft.³
Sealed F3 95 Hz
Vented Volume 0.6 ft.³
Vented F3 47 Hz
* Enclosure volume/F3s based on BassBox "optimum" calculations