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DAYTON AUDIO PA165-8, 6" PA Driver Speaker

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DAYTON AUDIO PA165-8, 6" PA Driver Speaker
39.65 *Prices include VAT
Article codePA1658

• Cost-effective high output 6-1/2" midrange driver
• Used in compact monitors, 3-way and 4-way PA systems, and home music systems
• 1-1/2" aluminum voice coil, vented pole piece, and large ceramic magnet

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This unit was designed with the goal of the producing the highest possible output from a driver its size. Great for use in small stage monitors, as a midrange in multi-way systems, or even as a hi-fi midbass. Construction includes a steel frame, paper cone, treated cloth surround, vented pole piece and high-power-handling 1-1/2" aluminum voice coil.

Sealed Volume 0.17 ft.³
Sealed F3 139 Hz
Vented Volume 0.5 ft.³
Vented F3 68 Hz
* Enclosure volume/F3s based on BassBox "optimum" calculations