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ETON ER4, Air Motion Ribbon tweeter

Price per piece 2500-25000Hz, 4Ω, 88dB, Fs=490Hz, 110x110mm

ETON ER4, Air Motion Ribbon tweeter
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ETON"S ER 4 is a true high-end ribbon high-frequency driver offering unequalled high quality sound reproduction. ER 4 utilizes a folded foil diaphragm with a metallized conductive layer. This design results in a "skin-thin" diaphragm with a moving mass of less than 0.1g ! ( this is approximately 1/3 of the moving mass of the diaphragm of a dome tweeter). ER 4 offers sensational transient response with enormous dynamic reserve as a result of it"s large diaphragm / air contact, which is approximately 10 times that of a dome tweeter.