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WAVECOR TW022WA06, 22mm tweeter, fabric dome

Price per piece 2000-25000Hz, -Wrms, R=4Ω, Spl=90,5dB, Fs=750Hz, VAS=-, Qts=0,92, Ø104mm

WAVECOR TW022WA06, 22mm tweeter, fabric dome
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Article codeTW022WA06

  • 22 mm dome tweeter
  • Fabric dome
  • Increased short term power handling

Shipping < 5 days
TW022WA06 is a tweeter designed for applications requiring the highest level of performance and most extended and linear high frequency response. Tweeters used to feature a separate rear chamber in order to obtain low resonance frequency. Not any longer. By designing the internal parts to accommodate new larger internal volumes, the TW022WA06 offers an unusually low resonance frequency.
The design with 22 mm voice coil and wide surround caters for both applications that would normally require traditional ¾” tweeters and those, where 1” tweeters would usually be used.