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WAVECOR TW030WA06, 30mm tweeter, fabric dome

Price per piece 1500-25000Hz, 50Wrms, R=4Ω, Spl=91dB, Fs=450Hz, VAS=-, Qts=0,55, Ø115mm

WAVECOR TW030WA06, 30mm tweeter, fabric dome
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  • 22 mm dome tweeter
  • Fabric dome
  • Magnetic fluid
  • Increased short term power handling

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TW030WA06: 4 ohm, with ferro fluid. Real high-end tweeter design with extremely low resonance frequency and distortion. Thanks to the extensive internal venting between three internal cavities no air inside is trapped. This feature extends the usable frequency range downwards to an extend very rarely found on tweeters. Adding the high power handling this tweeter is the natural candidate for high-end 2-way speaker systems.