ELTIM PA-3886, 80W Amplifier modules

We developed an ELTIM way built amplifier module based on the very nice performing / cost effective LM3886 IC from Texas Instruments. We use the original TI IC, other quality components and double sided quality FR4+ boards, avoiding a dissapointing sound quality and a short life cycle.
With these modules you can build a cost effective, quality and long lasting amplifier yourself. The IC (original TI, with metal back plate) can be used at full, resulting in a max. output of 80W. Especially the versions with integrated, symmetrical power supply are interesting. With those, you only need to connect a transformer to make it work.

These modules are a nice starter project and/or for those who need only medium (80W/8ohms) power with mono modules. It is also very easy to build multichannel systems with these modules by a clever sandwich construction, as a pack mounted to a large heatsink.

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