ELTIM CD Add-on modules

With our modular concept you could add some extra modules to one of our Amplifiers. Just connect them with the header connector strips, without any extra wiring required.
  • The CD modules range extends the load capacity of CS-xx modules by a factor two, by adding an extra pair of power Mosfets.
  • For Monoblock structures based on CS-40(ps) CB we made several extra side mounted modules.
       With those you can build nice and compact Monoblock amplifier based on MODU Galaxy 230x280x80/120mm.
  • CS-80/120/165 exactly match MODU 200mm wide heatsinks in heights of 80/120/165mm (explains the names).
       With these add-ons they exactly fit the 300mm wide versions.
  • CS-80/120/165 are recommended in MODU Dissipante cabinets in width of 300mm.
       With the add-ons it mechanically fits, but the mounting brackets of Dissipante need extra work.
       Due to this and heat dissipation factor we recommend to use the 400mm deep versions.
CS-80 with additional CD-80 modules, now 300mm wide.      Prices are per pair!

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