ELTIM High-End power amplifier module combinations

ELTIM High-End amplifier designs are built (and sound!) different than conventional designs. We developed PCB's where the power amplifier is split in two parts, an input stage (VS) processing small voltages, and an output stage (CS) processing the high and transient rich speaker currents. While doing so, our amplifier designs sound "airy" like tube amplifiers do. Besides that "easy listening" pure and neutral sound there is also a deep, solid bass response thanks to our high quality EU made double sided PCB's with wide tracks and the use of original, brand new, original and quality components only.

Below we list a number of VS/CS-combinations and together they make a working power amplifier pack. Most types have a built in power supply already or a power supply module (PS) is added. With those you only need to connect a suitable double secondary windings transformator to complete your power amplifier. There are no additional costs for a required extra power supply and wiring it is most easy.
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