ELTIM High-End Power Amplifier modular system

ELTIM power amplifiers are built a bit different than about all the rest, all densely populated and with small tracks. We split up the power amplifier schematics in two parts: the input part (VS-Voltage Stage) module and the output (CS-CurrentStage) part. While doing so each PCB can do its particular job at finest; the first converts the detailed input voltages into driving currents for the current stage module, in turn with its wide tracks truly capable to deliver high currents at max. performance. The sensitive input stage is hardly affected by the heat producing current stage (Class A/B mode) and the EU-made PCB sizes are significantly larger. Also, most voltages stage and current stage tracks are in a 90º angle and so magnetic interference is minimal. It's not only the design and very high quality of the PCB's though; we also use highest quality and brandnew, original parts.
As noted by many now, all this results in a tube-like, open and pleasant "airy" sound and rock solid bass production and our amps have a very long lifespan.

VS-20 + CS-80 + PS-80 + VR3 + IO-80balanced, all connected without wiring.

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